Focus on people, not tools

Many IT projects don’t deliver on their promise because IT leaders are focused on the wrong things.  It’s not about the technology…it’s about people.

Develop their soft skills

Technical project management skills are table stakes. What turns average project managers into heroes is their ability to communicate well, work through conflict, and lead with confidence.

Provide real-world practice

Classroom learning is not enough to develop project managers who consistently deliver superior results.  They need opportunities to apply learning in the real world, supported by coaching and mentoring.

Project Management Emotional Intelligence®

Project Management Emotional Intelligence (PMEI)® is our proprietary philosophy, framework and delivery model that produces tangible improvements in your organization’s ability to successfully deliver IT projects.

Through PMEI® project managers learn and practice communicating in a way that is perceptive, responsive, and other-focused. They are able to read the social and human queues leading to higher trust, collaboration across boundaries, and leadership confidence.  All done in their real-world setting, supported by coaching and mentoring, so that they develop skills at a much faster pace.

The net result is increased project success and higher credibility for your IT organization.

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